About Me



my background

I have been cooking and baking since I can remember. Fond memories of big family meals and cutting holiday sugar cookies mark some of the first moments that made food so wonderful to me. While growing up, food in my family was seen not only as a way to nourish the body, but also a way to show compassion, love, and generosity. Food intertwines itself within nearly every moment of our lives and connects with every possible subject. Whether it be sociology, pyschology, biology, or politics -food is always there playing a crucial role. For it`s beauty, it`s connectivity to everyday life, and the many positive experiences I had with cooking- I chose to study culinary arts. I have studied culinary arts formally for 6 years, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management. Along with my degree I have gained various certifications and have had many experiences in the  industry including personal chef work, consulting, and culinary education.

my style

There are countless health benefits that come along with diets emphasizing fruits and vegetables. The increase in people that are following meat-free diets, along with my personal decision to be a vegetarian, has lead me to specialize in vegan and vegetarian cuisine. I have a great appreciation for fresh ingredients that put a spotlight on the season in which they are being served. In addition, I believe that desserts are an especially important (and delicious) part of the diet. When eaten in moderation, sweets can fulfill the social and emotional factors that sometimes play into our lives. I look forward to bringing my culinary approach to your kitchen !